They Could Really Use a Few More People at the Manure Sale!

Hi everyone – the sale is going on right now as we speak. It’s gone really well – all the manure has been sold!

However we just got back from our shift there and it’s going late, they are understaffed and out in the pouring rain. They could definitely use a few more bodies to help with bagging the last of it and the cleanup effort. I know it doesn’t sound enticing but many of them have been there since this morning and could use the help.

So if you could spare a bit of time right now to head down for an hour or so it would be most appreciated by all.

They are at the AR Lord/Hastings Community Centre parking lot.

3096 East Hastings

Go team!

Garibaldi PAC

Garibaldi Annex PAC Logo | Garibaldi Annex PAC


One thought on “They Could Really Use a Few More People at the Manure Sale!

  1. Hi Sky,
    Thanks for the last shout out for helpers! I really appreciate that.
    We have about 100 more bags to sell. Could you announce this on the PAC blog?

    The bags are at the AR LORD/ Hastings Community Centre parking lot behind their earthquake bin, covered in a tarp.
    We will go by the honour system of paying. The bags are $5 each and you can pay a member of the PAC after you pick them up. Please let your neighbours know too as we would like to sell it all ASAP.


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