Garibaldi’s 2nd Annual Halloween Dance!

Hey Parents!

Last year’s Halloween dance was super fun, so we’ve decided to make it an annual event! We’d love your support this year to make it a big success. We plan to have DJs, food and a costume contest. Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Bake something Halloween-y for the bake sale table
  • Take a shift at the popcorn and pizza window
  • Help pop the popcorn
  • Help with set up of the gym
  • Help with tear down and clean up after the dance
  • Take a shift at the front door taking tickets

Also we’re looking for lights and other Halloween decorations to help decorate the gym with. If you can spare these, we can get them back to you the next day so you can still use them for Halloween. Please leave anything you can contribute in the kitchen at the school. Make sure your bags are tagged with your name!

Here’s a link to the Volunteer Sign Up Form. You can see the shifts available and what’s needed. Thanks for your support!

Garibaldi Halloween 2017 Flyer | Garibaldi Annex PAC




2 thoughts on “Garibaldi’s 2nd Annual Halloween Dance!

  1. Hi,

    Linda here, Ariel’s mom from Div.3. I can contribute with baked goods and I am happy to clean up and clear up during the length of time I’ll be there. 🙂


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