Newsletter May 2017

May Garobaldi News Header

Garibaldi Annex Newsletter
Volume 10 May 2, 2017 Issue 2

Hello parents and guardians,

Let me introduce myself. I am Mr. Chuck McNicholl administering for Mr. Michael Bolianaz who is on personal leave for the next three weeks.

I have enjoyed meeting the students, staff and parents inside and outside the “Small School with the Big Heart”. Please feel free to drop by and say hello if you are around the school. We are here as a team to support our students throughout the year. The staff work extremely well collaboratively to meet the needs of all the students and to enrich their experience with field trips, performances and professional artists.

Parents are always welcome to attend our 9am Monday morning assemblies hosted by students in Division 1. This week all students watched the energetic performance of “Clean Up your Act” which focused on recycling and graffiti.

Division 3 had the opportunity to visit the Venables Street Fire Hall and listen to an informative safety presentation by the firemen. The students enjoyed learning about the apparatus as well as going inside and viewing the front compartment of the fire truck.

Division 2 was excited to receive the butterfly larva. This week the larva will evolve into cocoons which will later develop into beautiful butterflies to be released in our community garden. Our garden is such a nice peaceful area to enjoy at this time of the year. In the next few weeks, garden instructors, (with PAC funding) will teach each class about planting and pollination for our community garden.

Division 1 has been observing mealworms in Science. With funding for five lessons from the PAC and an Art Start grant, students under the guidance of Caroline O’Sullivan from Artists in Residence developed imovies regarding media artists. Division 1 students also were involved in a learning sharing activity of their personal classroom work with their peers in Divisions 2 and 3. Everyone enjoyed the interaction among the students in the gym.

I would like to personally thank the PAC on behalf of all the staff for their fund-raising efforts throughout the year. We are so grateful they contributed $500 for our Indigenous Day activities and $550 for the Neverland performance. We also appreciated their efforts with movie nights, the manure sales, and hiring a music teacher to direct the Christmas concert.

Our next PAC meeting is on Wednesday May 16th from 6-8pm. All parents and guardians are welcome to attend. As parents leave the annex for the main school we are always looking for new volunteers to participate in various fund-raising activities to help enrich the learning environment within our school. Please don’t feel you have to be involved in all the fund-raising. We are happy if you just take on one event for the year. Please join us.

Weather wise this has been an extremely unusual year with a multitude of rainy and snowy days with minimal amounts of sunshine. Gradually the weather is improving so I am optimistic the students can soon enjoy many more outdoor lunch days. Students should always dress appropriately to suite weather conditions.

The staff have expressed concerns over the number of students arriving late. I realize there are sometimes extenuating circumstance why some families aren’t able to make the 9am bell.

Please keep in mind that teachers often set the tone and daily schedule at the very beginning of the school day. When students arrive late they often miss out on the first lesson and important directives for the day. Please make the extra effort to have your child/children attend school on time so we continue to make the day for your children as educationally productive as possible.

Yours truly,

Mr. C McNicholl
Acting Vice-Principal

Important Dates

May 4 Indigenous Focus Day
May 5 Pro D Day No School
May 11 Neverland Performance at the PNE
May 16 PAC Meeting 6:00 to 8:00 pm
May 17 Panorama Photo
May 22 Victoria Day No School
May 25
Welcome to Kindergarten
June 2 Sports Day 9:00 to 12:00 pm

More Details:
Indigenous Focus Day

On May 4th we are celebrating the rich culture of our Indigenous People with a day of fun activities and performances to celebrate Indigenous culture, sport and teachings.

Earthquake Drill

At 2pm we will have our annual earthquake drill. Since we are involved in Indigenous Day activities before and after the drill, the rehearsal will not be as lengthy as it was originally proposed.

Welcome to Kindergarten

Garibaldi’s Welcome to Kindergarten in being held on Wednesday, May 24th at 1:15 in our school Library. If you have a child registered at Garibaldi Annex to start Kindergarten in September 2017 please make sure that you and your child attend this great information session.

  • Friday, May 12 is our next Garden Class
    This week we’ll learn about pollinators!
  • Our next PAC meeting is on Wednesday, May 16
    6 pm at the school. Babysitting is provided.
  • PAC Movie Night on Wednesday, May 24th
    at 6 – 8pm in the gym
We need your used/sellable goods!

This year Garibaldi will be taking part in the huge Great Grandview Garage Sale (click here for their website) on Saturday, June 17th so hold on to all those things you don’t need/use any longer! We will be taking your donations of used goods on the day of the sale and all proceeds will go to the school. More details to come in early June.

If you would like to receive email notifications of Garibaldi PAC Blog postings regarding upcoming events and happenings, please sign up at and BE INFORMED!!

Cathy Matusicky
Rosie Cooper
Garibaldi School Student Code:

Dan Knibbs

Chuck McNicholl , Acting

Magdalena Kassis

Header illustration by Alberta Rubin-Kenney 


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