Education Advocacy, A Really Cool Project Brought to You by the Edith Cavell PAC

Our PAC at Edith Cavell would like to share with you a great resource for parents that we have created.

For many years now, despite heavy fundraising and much effort going into supporting our children’s learning, we feel that we are losing ground.

Our children’s school is one of the many H1 designated schools and “modern things” like adequate internet service and up-to-date computers seem to elude us.

We have come to realize, that our efforts will not be enough to uphold educational standards that previous generations enjoyed here in British Columbia.

Out of this realization, we decided to dedicate some of our time towards Education Advocacy. With this idea in mind, we have published an online newspaper called Education Advocacy that aims to provide the reader with a snapshot of all the events concerning Public Education.

Check in out here!


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