VSB Closures – What Everyone Needs to Know

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Well school has begun and fall weather is upon us. But also front and centre is the continued debate around provincial funding and the cuts and slashes within school districts as a result. Its time for us to show our united strength and advocate for change.

If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to visit our website as it has all our presentations, documents, media etc and is updated regularly. Also the best way to keep current on what we are up to is by joining our Facebook page and/or following us on Twitter.

Please share this information with your parent community, friends/family, social media etc – the more voices engaged in advocacy, the more change is possible!


VSB Closures – What Everyone Needs to Know

The whole closures discussion – like the funding debate – is and can be confusing. It’s key that parents and families can access the facts to better understand the issues. This week we posted information on our website which we hope will help. We’ve tried to educate and inform with facts and we hope the information will be helpful to families across Vancouver as we now enter “closure conversations”.

The info is found here: http://www.panvancouver.ca/school-closures.html  The links take you to a series of pages with navigation at the bottom. We will be adding some information on timeline shortly and will be turning the copy into a PDF shareable document shortly too.

Please share the link widely within your networks – we are trying to reach as many affected families as we can. And follow our lead on Twitter and Facebook in promoting it.

VSB Closure Meetings – Attend & Write to Trustees

There are many meetings in the coming weeks pertaining specifically to potential school closures. Key dates are noted below and we encourage everyone to attend to show support, to give feedback to Trustees regarding closures via email and to read the VSB reports on the 12 schools on the list. While you may think the closures won’t affect you…they will. Just as the budget shortfall will affect all of us in different ways, so too will closures.

  • September 15, 5-7pm – VSB Committee Meeting at Tupper Secondary – Staff will present Trustees with report on how the 12 schools on the closure list meet the LRFP criteria, their suggested future use of the building, and their suggested plan for students and programs provided by those schools for the following year.
  • September 26, 7pm – VSB Board Meeting at Tupper Secondary – Trustees will decide which, if any, of the schools on the potential closure list to move forward with public consultations.
  • October – November – Public Consultations at each of the 12 schools
  • December 12, 7pm  – VSB Board Meeting – Trustees will vote on which schools to close on June 30, 2017Important dates:

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Released Education Report

The BC government continues to claim that funding for public education is at “record levels”, but that simply isn’t the case. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) tells the real “factual” story behind BC’s education funding crisis in their recently released report “What is the real story behind the education funding crisis?” This is a must read document as it dispels government spin and tells the straight facts. Spoiler alert – its government who is responsible fur underfunding!

First PAN Meeting for new School Year – Tues Oct 4

Our next monthly meeting will be Tuesday October 4th at the Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood Pub (private room at the back) at 7pm.  We look forward to seeing many of you there as we have much to discuss and need your input.

AND if you aren’t able to attend a meeting but you can be more involved in the work happening behind the scenes or can take on a small project, email and let us know. Attending meetings is just one thing – there are a great many others things that need doing.

The Future of Public Ed Event – Wed Oct 5

The Tyee is hosting an education evening called “The Future of Public Education: Beyond the Headlines”. Our own Jen Stewart of both PAN and FACE is one of the speakers. Details about the event are online and you can purchase tix too. The event on Oct 5 is from 7-9pm and will feature speakers who will explore what is, and what could be, for public education in British Columbia. From innovations to challenges, and from the perspective of teachers, academics,students and parents, they will delve into the possibilities ahead for our education system.

Continue to Spread the Word – BC Education is in the Black but Education is in the Red!

BC In the Red | Garibaldi Annex PAC


We encourage you to continue to SHARE and SPREAD the word with these attached images – to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and any other social media network you’re on and include the hashtag #bcedinred and encourage your friends, parents, school communities to share as well.

More You Can Do:

  1. Use the FACE quick and easy email tool to write to your MLA and the Minister of Education about budget shortfalls and cuts and closures.
  2. Tweet about cuts and closures in your district using the hashtag #bcedinred.
  3. Keep public education funding a key issue in the 2017 provincial election. Ask all the candidates in your riding what they will do to address the underfunding of public education.

Activities Highlights

Here are just a few of our recent activities – many of which have been warmly received by the local media (online, print, radio)

  • September 6 – Met with Vancouver City Councillor Andrea Reimer who will present a motion re school closures on Sept 21

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