Update on Long Range Facilities Plan and Potential School Closures

Dear Garibaldi Parents,

This information bulletin provides an update on the Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) and the process of potential school closures. Staff administrative reports on schools that are on the list to be considered for potential closure are being released on September 13, 2016.

As of 11 a.m., those reports are available at http://www.engage.vsb.bc.ca along with much more information about the process, timeline and decision making.

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September 13, 2016

Vancouver School Board

Update on Long Range Facilities Plan and potential school closures 

As part of its long range facilities planning, VSB staff have submitted detailed reports to Trustees about the schools that might be considered for closure before the start of the 2017-18 school year. These reports were released today and are available for viewing at engage.vsb.bc.ca.

Schools on the list are:

 Champlain Heights Annex at 7835 Champlain Crescent

 McBride Annex at 4750 St. Catherines Street

 Queen Elizabeth Annex at 4275 Crown Street

 Tecumseh Annex at 1551 E. 37th Avenue

 Admiral Seymour Elementary School at 1130 Keefer Street

 Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary School at 555 Lillooet Street

 Graham D. Bruce Elementary School at 3633 Tanner Street

 Pierre Elliott Trudeau at 449 E. 62nd Avenue

 Queen Alexandra Elementary at 1300 E. Broadway

 Sir Guy Carleton at 3250 Kingsway

 Britannia Secondary School at 1001 Cotton Drive

 Gladstone Secondary School at 4105 Gladstone Street

Trustees will review the reports at a joint meeting of Committee II (Planning & Facilities) and III (Education & Student Services) on September 15. At the September 26 public meeting of the Board, trustees will decide which, if any schools on the preliminary list will be considered for closure.

The list of 12 schools was presented to the Board in June 2016, and these administrative reports, along with an overview report titled “Strategic Report: Potential School Closures,” have been submitted as required by VSB policy and conforming to the School Act. If the Board decides to consider those schools for closure, extensive consultation with affected school communities, including online feedback, followed by meetings, would begin on October 11 and continue through November. In December trustees will decide whether any schools will be closed.

Following the submission of the Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP), where the public provided extensive input on priorities for school facilities, VSB’s facilities planners reviewed all 110 VSB schools based on the factors for consideration identified in the LRFP. Then, in collaboration with district educators, they examined the impact of a closure on educational programs, student needs and learning. The preliminary list of schools that might be considered for closure was the result of that process.

For more information and to download the administrative reports or summaries of each report, visit engage.vsb.bc.ca.


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