Welcome Back to School PAC Meeting Tonight!

PAC Logo | Garibaldi Annex PAC

Come join us for our first general PAC meeting of the school year, tonight at 6pm in the classroom area next to the gym.

Refreshments served. Childcare available!

The meeting will run a bit long as this is our first one and we have a few things to cover. Mainly, do we want to do a reprint of the Hastings Sunrise Cooks cookbook, in time for Christmas? And, we have a new project in the works – hot lunch Fridays with Foodie Kids Inc, out of North Vancouver.  Tonight they will be offering a tasting of their menu to PAC parents.

Here’s the agenda:

  1. Welcome
  2. Foodie Kids representative / food samples
  3. Adopt previous meeting minutes
  4. VP Report
  5. Financial Report and Budget
  6. Committee Reports:

Kitchen (Food Safe, Food and Veggie Program)

7. Halloween haunted house/dance
8. Pumpkin patch
9. Newsletter
10. Other business
11. Next PAC meeting
12. Adjournment

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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