PAC Meeting Minutes April 2016

Garibaldi Annex PAC Meeting

April 20, 2016

Present: Cathy Thomas (VP); Angela Wong-Moon (Chair); Lisa Osoba; Rachelle Woodman; Devon; Hazel Po; Sky Goodwin

  1. Welcome
  1. Adopt February Minutes: moved by Angela; seconded by Rachelle; passed. 
  1. Vice- Principal’s report – Garibaldi PAC Meeting, April 20, 2016

District news- the Vancouver School District budget has been much in the news recently. The Board of Trustees invite families to be involved in the budget process. The next public meeting will be held at Tupper Secondary School on Monday 25th April at 5:00pm and final deliberations will take place on Thursday 28th April at Gladstone Secondary School at 7:00pm. Information about the proposed budget can be found at

Five year Strategic Plan consultations with stakeholders continue to take place. The Strategic Plan has a focus on the core goals of teaching and learning for 2016-2021. Phase one of the plan is complete and Phase two of the plan is underway, with a discussion workshop being held at Templeton on Thursday 21st April (tomorrow) at Templeton Secondary from 7:00pm- 8:30pm. Additionally, I am working with Angela (PAC Chair) to form a small working group of interested parents to complete a guided discussion about the plan for about an hour on Monday 25th April after the school’s morning meeting. Information about the strategic plan and a survey asking for your input can be found at 

BC Curriculum- Staff has worked closely with our colleagues at Lord Nelson school in the past few weeks on the two BC Curriculum implementation days. These days have been extremely valuable in understanding the curriculum and planning for September. I have asked Angela (PAC Chair) to find three parent representatives who are interested in learning about the redesigned curriculum and who are able to attend a Parent Information evening on Monday May 16th at Templeton Secondary from 7:00pm- 8:30pm. Also, parents may be interested in watching a short video about the new BC Curriculum on the BC Ministry of Education website

School Calendar for next school year- we have set the Professional Development calendar for Garibaldi Annex to match Lord Nelson’s calendar and it has been sent to the board for approval. The VSB calendar for 2016- 2017 has now been finalized and is available on the VSB website

School fees for 2016-2017- we have set our school fees for next year to be $45. These costs break down as $25 for general school supplies and is the standard charged across the school district. There is an additional charge of $10 for the student agenda and $10 for a performance/ activity fee. These fees are the same as Lord Nelson’s fees and as last year. No student will be denied access to school supplies or educational programs because of financial hardship.

Big One at Two- Earthquake drill- at 2:00pm, on Thursday 5th May, the school will be participating in the Vancouver School District’s earthquake drill. This year we will not be releasing students from school so families do not need to collect their child early on this afternoon. Staff will be conducting a full evacuation onto the gravel field and setting up the earthquake equipment as they would in the event of an earthquake actually occurring.

For your information, if an earthquake did occur, then for child safety reasons, the school will only release children to an adult who is named as an emergency contact in the student records. Please ensure that the information held by the school in the event of emergency is up to date. If there were to be a major earthquake then students will be supervised by school staff for 72 hours before being placed in the care of the Ministry if they have not been collected. This will initially be onsite at Garibaldi and then we would relocate to Lord Nelson School or Templeton High School. Please take the time to develop a family emergency plan or to review your existing plan. This website may be useful

Salmon release field trip

Since January, students in Division One have been participating in the Salmon in the Classroom program. In this program the students have raised salmon eggs in a tank until they are ready to be released. Each class has been observing and studying the growth of the salmon. Now that the salmon have grown into fry, they will be released on Monday 9th May at Spanish Banks. The whole school will be attending the release- leaving at 9:45am and returning at 2:45pm. This will be combined with our end of year gathering at the beach. Parents are invited to join us although there will not be any space on the school bus.

We are thankful to PAC for providing lunch on this day. We are also thankful to the Pacific Salmon Foundation for funding the purchase of the chiller unit. Without this funding, the school would not have been able to participate in the program.

Looking forward

We are excited about the Orff music program funded by PAC that will be running from on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from Tuesday April 26th to Wednesday May 18th. The students will be sharing their learning in a performance at the Volunteer Tea, which has been scheduled for the afternoon of Friday 27th May. Students are also looking forward to going out to the garden with PAC volunteers, starting on Thursday 21st April. Thank you to parent volunteers for giving their time to facilitate this and many other activities that will be taking place over the next couple of months.

PAC has also funded ‘sexplainer’ Marnie Goldberg once again to come to Garibaldi. Her visit will include meeting with parents on Wednesday 25th May from 6:15pm to 7:45pm to deliver a parent talk before she works with students on Thursday 26th May. More information about Marnie’s program can be found on her website

Sports Day will be held on the morning of Friday 10th June. Please mark these dates on your calendars.

Over the next couple of months, there will be more activities planned by teachers, so please keep checking your child’s agenda for details.

  1. Financial Report (Angela)
  • Gaming Account – $942.35 (please note we plan to spend most of this by year end – sports day and the sex education talk for parents)
  • PAC account – $12, 107.59 (please note part of this total is reserved for Backpack Buddies)
  • Made approximately $1300 from manure sale.
  1. Committees
  • Kitchen: planning movie night May 4; hot dog lunch for Sports Day; perhaps one more popcorn sale to support Backpack Buddies. Will also supply plates, sausages for year-end BBQ (tentatively June 23).
  • Garden: requesting $300 for mulch, wood chips, other supplies. Moved by Lisa, seconded by Sky; motion passed. Garden cleanup April 30th. Parents will be working in garden with students every other Thursday 9-12.
  • Fundraising/Grants: manure sale: 2 loads sold. Having a firmer schedule for workers was helpful. If working with another school in the future, be sure any correspondence with Garibaldi staff about the sale comes from Garibaldi PAC parents.
  • Activities: discussion about coding/video game design course for kids – but cost is likely prohibitive to offer through school.
  1. Year-end Party: tentative date is Thurs June 23. BBQ/potluck.
  1. Backpack Buddies
  • If anyone is interested in taking over leading kids in packing backpacks next year, contact Lisa O. Lisa will present a report on profits from cookbook at May or June meeting, but the idea is that a proportion of funds raised will go to sustain Backpack Buddies at Garibaldi for a number of years.
  • Will plan a small donation drive or fundraising event for May or June (such as a tie-in with popcorn sale or bake sale) and hoping to plan a larger event such as a neighbourhood food donation drive for the fall.
  1. Bike rally
  • Possibility of a bike rally event after school. Will check if someone has the energy and time to organize this. Could be merged with year-end BBQ, though it might be difficult for parents to go home to get food in between for potluck.
  1. Coding classes: see note under “Activities” above. Flyer will be left in PAC tray in office in case anyone is interested in pursuing outside school.
  1. PAC elections: will take place at June meeting this year. Will present year-end budget if possible as well.
  1. Other business: none.
  1. Next meeting: May 18.
  1. Adjournment: moved by Angela, motion passed.

PDF Here PAC Meeting April 2016

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