At the Next PAN Meeting

Our next monthly meeting will be this week Wednesday May 4th at the Tipper on Kingsway at 7pm. Agenda has been posted to our Google Groups. We hope to see many of you there as we have much to discuss and need your valuable input. 
AND if you aren’t able to attend a meeting but you can be more involved in the work happening behind the scenes or can take on a small project, email and let us know. Attending meetings is just one thing – there are a great many others things that need doing.
We have over 50 Vancouver schools represented in our network – and we continue to grow!
Support our VBE Trustees – Rally  #wehaveyourback

VETA & VSTA are sponsoring a Rally tomorrow Wednesday May 4 at 4:30 pm outside the VSB building, on the steps on West 10th to show support for our @VSB39 Trustees.

They have invited many other groups to show their collective support – we are all united in our support of the Trustees and the stand they are taking with the Government for public education.
Some PAN members have already stated they are attending – we hope many of you can also attend – should be about 1hr or so.

We must be united in our STAND for #publicEd
And this is a GREAT opportunity to WEAR YOUR RED! #bcedinred
Join FACE and PAN and Spread the Word – BC Education is in the Black but Education is in the Red!
Chronic provincial underfunding of public education means that many (if not most) of the 60 school districts in BC are facing shortfalls as they prepare their budgets for 2016/17. By law, the districts must balance their budgets, so this means cuts are planned throughout the province: programs, services, and entire schools are on the chopping block. Currently (as of April 27, 2016) there are 27 districts with a combined $77.17 million shortfall and this list is growing daily! 
Please email with shortfall information about your district.

We encourage you to SHARE and SPREAD the word with these attached images – to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and any other social media network you’re on and include the hashtag #bcedinred and encourage your friends, parents, school communities to share as well.

We are also using this hashtag to spread the word about wearing red on the day the budget is voted on in the Legislature.
More You Can Do:
  1. Use the FACE quick and easy email tool to write to your MLA and the Minister of Education about these shortfalls.
  2. Tweet about these shortfalls and the shortfall in your district using the hashtag #bcedinred.
  3. Wear RED on the day the budget is voted on in the Legislature. (Exact date is unknown; we will update you)
  4. Make public education funding an issue in the 2017 provincial election. Ask all the candidates in your riding what they will do to address the underfunding of public education.
    Push all the parties to make education a priority again. Here are some questions you can ask.
PAN Vancouver@PAN_Vancouver

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