Important Information for All Vancouver Parents


This meeting was last night – if you didn’t make it, here is information on the proposed budget VSB cuts. You can still help out!


Our friends at FACEBC have just today created this quick and easy email tool which will send a letter to your MLA (from a list) and Hon Mr Bernier regarding continued inadequate funding to BC public education.

Its a great follow-up to our PAN/FACE postcard campaign and online petition and the more “noise” we make, the more we will be heard – PLEASE SEND THE EMAIL!

Can You Hear Us Now Mike?


As you care about public education and know your concerns are more than “just noise,” use the email tool NOW to tell Mr. Bernier and your MLA that public education matters.

Let’s do it and spread the word and the link throughout our networks, parents, friends neighbours – everyone!

Please also remember to post to Facebook, Twitter and Blogs!

Parents need to stand up and demonstrate wide public concern about the VSB budget to help pressure the Government.

All PACs should register (via email to and send at least 1 person to attend the VSB Public Budget Consultation on April 14.

The session on April 12 is already full and a second one is to be held – parents are speaking out!

The Vancouver School Board is facing a budget deficit of $25 million dollars – the worst deficit in over two decades.

The proposed cuts – HUGE, highly detrimental and long-lasting cuts to services for our children, which we may never get back – will have SIGNIFICANT impact to ALL children across this district.

The proposed cuts will affect every family and the effects of the cuts will be felt for years to come.

The CUTS include:

  • ALL elementary band and strings programs eliminated
  • 33 FTE secondary teachers losing their positions
  • Athletic coordinator facilitating inter-school sports events across district eliminated
  • Fine Arts Coordinator for facilitating visual and performing arts programs eliminated
  • All Essential Services Literacy Teachers gone
  • All teacher mentor positions and supports for teachers gone (includes Brail support, anti-racism & homophobia support, learning technology mentors, gifted teacher mentor, early intervention literacy mentor, teacher librarian mentor, modern languages mentor)
  • Vision and Hearing teacher positions reduced
  • Complete elimination of the MACC and Gifted Programs (includes closure/elimination of Challenge Centre, Seminar program, Mentorship program, Gifted coordinator, part-time psychologist)
  • ALL home intrusion teachers that serve home bound students eliminated
  • 2 multicultural liaison workers for South Asian,and Korean and Vietnamese cultural groups eliminated
  • 10 Career advisors gone from secondary schools to be replaced with a single district person.
  • Elimination of 1 SACY youth engagement worker for at risk students in secondary schools
  • Elimination of 12 non-enrolling positions providing ELL, aboriginal, special ed and library services
  • Elimination of 12 student and support works for special needs students requiring intervention
  • Administrative support reduction for mini schools impacting programming and class sizes
  • Class size cap being removed for secondary schools
More on this:

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