2016 East Vancouver Neighbourhood Small Grants & Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grants

Kiwassa, Frog Hollow and  Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood Houses present:

The 2016 East Vancouver
Neighbourhood Small Grants &
Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grants

Applications Now Available!

How would you like to make your neighbourhood a better place?
¿Como le gustaría hacer su barrio un lugar mejor?
Bạn mong muốn làm nhà Cộng Đồng của khu phố bạn tốt hơn như thế nào?
Papaano mo gustong gawing isang mas magandang lugar ang iyong kapitbahayan?

The deadline for applications is Monday April 4th 

Neighborhood Small Grants and Greenest City Neighborhood Small Grants allow groups of two or more neighbours to work together on small projects to make their neighbourhood a better place. A local resident committee in each area reviews the applications and decides how to distribute the funding. (Please note: due to limited funds, not all applicants will receive grants or the full amount requested).

If you live in East Vancouver and have any questions or need help with your application, please email nsg.east@gmail.com or contact your local Neighbourhood House ( http://neighbourhoodsmallgrants.ca/communities/kensington-cedar-cottage-hastings-sunrise-renfrew).

Paper applications in English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Tagalog, and Farsi are also available by emailing nsg.east@gmail.com or at Kiwassa, Frog Hollow or Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood Houses.


If you are receiving this email and do not live within the boundaries of the East Vancouver Neighbourhood Small Grants area, please check if you are eligible to apply in your neighbourhood at http://www.neighbourhoodsmallgrants.ca/communities 
Please note: registered organizations cannot apply. If you are receiving this in your role within an organization, we would love your help to spread the word among your staff, volunteers and program participants. They are welcome to apply, as long as their projects are independent from regular program times and activities in your organization and take place within their own neighbourhood.
For more information about the work and goals of the program or what kinds of projects get funded, please see the Vancouver Foundation’s Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/VancouverFoundation

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