February Newsletter

Message from the Vice-Principal

Dear Families

Here at Garibaldi we have had an enjoyable start to 2016 and I hope that you have too. Thank you for coming to our parent teacher conferences earlier this month. As a staff we appreciate having the opportunity to work with you in supporting your child’s learning.

As you know we have some staffing changes- Ms. Yoon is now the teacher of Division Two and Ms. Fenton is teaching Division One each Wednesday this term. On February 1st, Ms. Jaspreet Gill will be joining the staff as an SSA.

We had a fun Family Literacy Day on Monday when we welcomed Musqueam storyteller Henry Charles and of course, who doesn’t love wearing their pajamas to school? Thank you to the PAC who are paying for our Gymsense program which will be running each morning starting next week and into the second week of February.

Cathy Thomas

February Important Dates | Garibaldi Annex PAC

Read the rest at the link below.

Newsletter 7 February 2016| Garibaldi Annex PAC


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