PAC Meeting Minutes November

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

In attendance:
Cathy Thomas Angela Wong – Moon Cathy Matusicky
Sky Goodwin
Lisa Osoba
Jessica Finlayson

1. Meeting called to order 6:20pm (with baked goods and tea courtesy of Angela).

2. Minutes from October 21st approved. Sky moved. Lisa seconded. Approved.

3. VP report 

Vice- Principal’s report – Garibaldi PAC Meeting, November 18, 2015

Remembrance Day- the whole school walked over to Nelson and participated respectfully in the main school’s assembly, which included poetry, writing, presentations and songs by several classes.

New curriculum- The VSB is in the process of agreeing with teacher representatives what the 10 hours of training will look like in this School District. Training days for teachers to hear from Ministry representatives have been scheduled in January. Information about how these hours will be scheduled will be shared very soon. The Ministry website is continually being updated so please keep looking at it-

Codes of Conduct- thank you for the feedback that I received from the community- this is the updated version of the Code of Conduct. It is now compliant with the School Act, containing all of the statements that we need and also positive language about behaviour and the self- regulation strategies that we are teaching.

Winter Concert- the theme is ‘Christmas around the World.’ The teachers have engaged a musician to teach a drumming workshop to each class and this will be the whole school ensemble piece. Classes will be working on their own pieces as well. There will a matinee (dress rehearsal) performance at 1:30 and an evening concert starting at 6:00 on Wednesday 16th December.

Pink Day Acceptance Dance- I am hoping to recruit some interested and committed students to participate in the fifth Pink Day Acceptance Dance at the Giants 12:00 game on Wednesday 17th February 2016. I have taken students in grades 1-7 to the event for the past two years and think that it is a wonderful opportunity for students to be a part of the message of acceptance. The day will include speakers, performers, video segments and of course the acceptance dance. Our educational goals are to teach students about using social media for positive messages and creating awareness about acceptance. I have found that regularly scheduled short practices- about three a week- 20 minutes at a recess or lunchtime is the best way to learn the dance- that is why the students need to be committed. Here are links to some of the previous dances on YouTube-
4. Financial report

As of October, our account totals are: Gaming: $1,422.60
PAC Account: $1,687.42

Caroline will pay all the teacher allocations and the rest of the tennis fees (approx $600). We will try something new instead of tennis for next year.

5. Committee reports

Backpack Buddies. We’ve committed to donating 5 backpacks every two weeks. Now that the cookbooks are selling well, Lisa proposed to bring the number up to 10 backpacks every two weeks starting in December. Will cost approx. another $1000. Cathy M. moved to approve. Sky seconded. Passed.

Fundraising / cookbook


Now showing a profit after covering all production costs for bags and books.

Cathy Thomas will contact VSB communications to see if they will feature it on the VSB website. Backpack Buddies are doing a social media push to sell the book. Templeton and A.R. Lord will also have links on their website.


Christmas hamper is proposed for December. Angela WM looking into finding a family/ group in need and will involve the children in wrapping and delivering hamper(s). Jessica suggested we sell on Hastings street and offer free giftwrapping for Christmas. A notice will also be sent out to ask parents for help selling the book at their places of work.

Garibaldi is not doing the poinsettia sale this year but Angela will contact Tillicum to see if we can piggyback on their orders. If so, a notice will be sent out.


Hot lunch planned for January. More to come.


Lunchtime garden club planted garlic, snow drops and tulip bulbs. Lots of kids helped and brought some home in pots.

6. Other business

Teachers need parent volunteer to help put up decorations for the Christmas concert in December. Stay tuned for more info on times.

Music suggested as an option instead of tennis for 2016. PAC and Cathy Thomas will source a few things and report back. Vibraphones and ukuleles. Or a drama program.

Lunchtime programming: Angela WM spoke with Catherine Peterson is considering a dance segment. Angela will do cards in the library. Contact Cathy Thomas if you are interested in participating or if you have an idea.

Meeting adjourned at 7:21. There will be no meeting in December. Next meeting scheduled for January 13th, 2016.

PAC Minutes November | Garibaldi Annex PAC


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