Introducing the Parent Advocacy Network for Public Education

Dear PACs and Parents within Vancouver Schools,

We are a group of parents from schools all across Vancouver who share a commitment to public education. We have started a grassroots group called the Parent Advocacy Network for Public Education (PAN)to connect parents and PACs together across the district. This will enable parents to share information, learn from each other’s experiences, and stand together in protecting public education.

The BC education system has seen a long history of chronic under funding: We all feel the impact of cuts to resources and programs, the lack of maintenance, the pressure to fund everything from books to photocopy paper and the growing inequalities between schools. Recently the VSB was subject to a financial report by EY, which recommended closing 19 schools. We believe that by supporting one another in advocacy, we can more effectively produce change.

We are inviting parents from Vancouver schools to participate as network contacts to receive news on advocacy issues and share this with your PAC and/or fellow parents. We encourage contacts to participate through our soon to be live online discussion group. This will allow you to communicate with parents from other schools and talk about particular issues of concern.

If you are interested in being a network contact or finding out more, please email us at Feel free to forward this email to other interested parents. The more parents connect with one another for advocacy, the more change is possible. Together, we are stronger!

We look forward to hearing from you.


Parents from – 
Bayview Elementary, Charles Dickens Elementary and Annex, Collingwood Elementary, Gladstone Secondary, Laura Secord Elementary, Lord Nelson Elementary, Lord Roberts Elementary, Nootka Elementary, Point Grey Secondary, Prince of Wales Secondary, Queen Alexandra Elementary, Simon Fraser Elementary, Sir Charles Tupper Secondary, Southlands Elementary, Tecumseh Elementary, Tyee Elementary


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