Want a Cookbook? Check Out Our New Online Store

Hastings Sunrise Cooks Logo | Garibaldi Annex PacI’m sure many of you have had a chance to check out Garibaldi’s Cookbook by now! We are getting fantastic reviews from folks and sales are going well. Great news! The Hastings Sunrise Cooks team has put together an online store. So if you want a cookbook or one of our awesome Hasting Sunrise canvas shopping bags, here’s a really easy way to get them.

Click the link below to see the site:


Hastings Sunrise Cooks is a project collective with the mission to inspire those living in and around Hastings Sunrise to experience the diverse and mouthwatering food our neighbourhood is serving up. The cookbook showcases Hastings Sunrise Restaurants, Delis and Cafes, along-side stories from our community with urban gardening tips, cooking how-to’s and neighbourhood perspectives from our residents.

Hastings Sunrise Cooks | Inside | Garibaldi Annex PACThis book will make a great gift for food enthusiasts, Vancouver visitors and friends and family in or outside the neighbourhood.

As the cookbook project is a fundraising initiative, a portion of proceeds from sales will benefit the school directly, with the remaining portion going to our charity partner Backpack Buddies, “a lean, mean, child-hunger fightin’ machine” based in Vancouver. Their flagship program feeds over 800 kids every month and that’s just the start!


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