Garibaldi Garden Archive

Thanks to Garibaldi mom, Keira McPhee, the beginning of the garden at Garibaldi is well documented in a blog that ran from April 2009 to June 2013. The garden blog reflected so much work from the  community, the history of the garden, student, staff, admin and parent’s posts. It’s an important archive of all the work that has gone into building and maintaining the garden. Here’s a few examples from Keira:

The Raspberry care guide. BTW we potted up extra plants in the spring and sold them for $5 a piece as part of a plant sale. We made enough money to take care of all of our garden needs.

The watering guide. We had a bbq in June to kick off the summer garden care, and asked families to sign up for a shift. From there it was a like a phone tree. It worked great. The next year the garden committee also hosted an end of season party. I work for Farm to School BC and recommend this simple watering system for parent groups all the time.

Harry Reports from Table Matters. This post is still being linked to around the world, believe it or not. It went viral – the seeds Harry gave away as prizes to the commenters have been grown and shared all over. Check it out here:  #seeditforward

Great inspiration for blogging, educational technology use for teachers and admin!


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