Garibaldi Mid-Month Update

Dear Families

We hope that you are all well and enjoying the unseasonably warm October. This email has a few reminders and some information about upcoming dates and events

Earthquake Drill
This morning we participated in the Shakeout BC Earthquake drill and I am very happy to let you know that the children all reacted calmly and evacuated the school quickly.

I would like to remind you that students in Divisions one and two will be doing the walkathon at Lord Nelson school tomorrow morning at 11:00. Please send in their pledge sheets so that we can write on how many laps they complete. We thank you for your support in this fundraising effort. Parents and families are welcome to join us!

Cross country
We are looking forward to the final meet at Trout Lake next week! Well done to all the students who have represented Garibaldi so well at the Mini meets.

Kindergarten registration
This is a reminder that registration for Kindergarten next year starts on November 1st. For information about District policies and how to register your child please go to this link:

Halloween parade
This year’s Halloween parade will take place at 1pm in the gym on Friday 30th October, because we have tennis in the morning. Parents and families are welcome to come and watch.

Book bags
Our book bags have arrived and students will be taking them home tomorrow. We ask that they are looked after so that they can be used again next year. Thank you very much to the PAC for funding them.

A message from A.R. Lord PAC – Clothing swap
AR Lord is doing winter clothing and gear swap. Oct 26,27 and 28. 3:00-3:30ish. Feel free to let Garibaldi parents know if they want to participate. It’s just an exchange.

Thanks to the PAC for organizing the tennis and pumpkin patch this month and congratulations on the wonderful cook book that they have produced. We have copies available at the office if you would like to see one. I look forward to seeing you at the PAC meeting on Wednesday 21st October during the movie night.


Cathy Thomas
Vice Principal, Garibaldi Annex
October 2015



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